About WHA Information Center

WHA Information Center is dedicated to collecting and disseminating complete, accurate and timely data about charges and services provided by Wisconsin hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.
WHA Information Center is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wisconsin Hospital Association. It was incorporated on October 1, 2003, and began collecting data in January 2004 under a contract with the Wisconsin Department of Administration.

About PricePoint

The PricePoint web site allows health care consumers to receive basic, facility-specific information about healthcare services and charges. Consumers can query information for Inpatient services, Outpatient Surgeries, Emergency Department and Urgent Care visits, Observation services, and ancillary services like radiology and therapies.
The first version of PricePoint was released by WHA Information Center in February 2005 including Inpatient data only. PricePoint Version 2.0 was released October 2006. The new version included Outpatient Surgeries and the ability to compare selected hospitals. In 2008, Emergency Department and Urgent Care services were included on PricePoint.
In January 2009, PricePoint included a Top 25 list of high volume APR-DRGs statewide. In January 2011, this was increased to 75 and a list of the Top 75 top CPTs statewide was added. In April 2012, WHAIC began releasing EAPG (Enhanced Ambulatory Payment Groups) categories on PricePoint. Observation data was added in the summer of 2014.
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