Professional Services

PricePoint helps you build a High Frequency Professional Services report.
This report displays charges for High Frequency Professional Services in Wisconsin, by County.
This data is provided by the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO).

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In an effort to help health care consumers better understand health care pricing, PricePoint has begun providing professional charges information, in addition to the hospital charge information already found in PricePoint.

This report contains professional fees information provided by the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO). For each county in Wisconsin, the report shows the median charge for the 25 most common professional services in an office setting in Wisconsin. The statewide median charge is included as well.

This information can help the consumer better understand what their professional charges could be, as a stand-alone charge or as part of a health care service.

WHIO uses Commercial and Medicaid payer information to provide the data used in this report.

For information about the Wisconsin Health Information Organization, please visit the WHIO web site.

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