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Charges for 75 Most Common Hospitalizations in Wisconsin:  April 2015 - March 2016
(Uncomplicated Cases Only)
    Estimated Insurance Payments *
RankAPR- DRGDescriptionMedian  
Private InsuranceMedicare
1640Normal Newborn, Birthweight 2500g+$3,005$2,374$1,503
2560Vaginal Delivery$8,127$6,420$4,064
3720Blood Infection/Septicemia$6,708$5,299$3,354
4302Knee Replacement$26,934$21,278$13,467
5540Cesarean Delivery$16,172$12,776$8,086
6194Heart Failure$4,853$3,834$2,427
7301Hip ReplacementNRNRNR
10753Bipolar DisordersNRNRNR
11140Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease$3,847$3,039$1,924
12775Alcohol Abuse/DependenceNRNRNR
13201Heart Abnormal Rhythm and Conduction Disorders$7,555$5,968$3,778
14383Cellulitis and Other Bacterial Skin Infections$9,861$7,790$4,931
15460Renal FailureNRNRNR
16045Stroke and Precerebral Occlusion with Infarct$10,921$8,628$5,461
17133Pulmonary Edema/Respiratory FailureNRNRNR
18463Kidney/Urinary Tract InfectionNRNRNR
19221Major Bowel ProceduresNRNRNR
20174Angioplasty with Heart AttackNRNRNR
22247Intestinal Obstruction without Surgery$5,603$4,426$2,802
25282Disorders of Pancreas Except Malignancy$4,230$3,342$2,115
26254Other Digestive System Diagnoses$5,787$4,572$2,894
27812Poisoning of Medicinal AgentsNRNRNR
28304Dorsal and Lumbar Fusion Without Principal Diagnosis of Back CurvatureNRNRNR
30137Respiratory Infections and InflammationsNRNRNR
31173Other Vascular ProceduresNRNRNR
33190Circulatory Disorders with Heart AttackNRNRNR
34134Pulmonary Embolism$7,217$5,701$3,609
35308Hip/Thigh Surgery with Trauma DiagnosisNRNRNR
36263Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy$15,721$12,420$7,861
37315Shoulder/Upper Arm, Forearm SurgeryNRNRNR
38244Diverticulitis & Diverticulosis$7,099$5,608$3,550
39710Infectious & parasitic diseases including HIV w O.R. procedureNRNRNR
40773Opioid Abuse/DependenceNRNRNR
42175Angioplasty without Heart AttackNRNRNR
43861Signs & Symptoms$12,670$10,009$6,335
44425Other Electrolyte Disorders$1,946$1,537$973
45347Other Back/Neck Disorders, Fractures, InjuriesNRNRNR
46241Peptic Ulcer/GastritisNRNRNR
47253Other and Unspecified Gastrointestinal HemorrhageNRNRNR
48313Other Knee/Lower Leg SurgeryNRNRNR
49191Cardiac Catheterization without Principal Diagnosis of Ischemic Heart DiseaseNRNRNR
50351Other Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue DiagnosesNRNRNR
51058Other Disorders of Nervous SystemNRNRNR
52248Major G.I. Bacterial Infections$8,549$6,754$4,275
53024Extracranial Vascular ProceduresNRNRNR
54466Malfunction, reaction, complic of genitourinary device or procNRNRNR
55663Red Blood Cell Disorders Except Sickle Cell Anemia Crisis$9,986$7,889$4,993
58721Postoperative and Post-Traumatic InfectionsNRNRNR
59321Upper Spinal FusionNRNRNR
60197Peripheral and Other Vascular DisordersNRNRNR
61021Craniotomy Except For TraumaNRNRNR
63566Other Antepartum DiagnosesNRNRNR
64055Head trauma w coma >1 hr or hemorrhage$4,268$3,372$2,134
65755Neuroses Other Than DepressionNRNRNR
66052Nontraumatic stupor & comaNRNRNR
67192Cardiac Catheterization with Principal Diagnosis of Ischemic Heart DiseaseNRNRNR
68163Heart Valve Procedures without Cardiac CatheterizationNRNRNR
69144Respiratory System Signs, Symptoms and Minor DiagnosesNRNRNR
70143Other respiratory diagnoses except signs, symptoms & minor diagnoses$5,957$4,706$2,979
72204Fainting and CollapseNRNRNR
73951Moderately Extensive Procedure Unrelated to DiagnosisNRNRNR
74639Neonate Birthwt >2499g with Other Significant Condition$3,273$2,586$1,637
75756Acute Adjust React Psychosocial DysfunctionNRNRNR

NR = No Cases Reported

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Charges for 75 Most Common Types of Outpatient Surgical Procedures in Wisconsin:  April 2015 - March 2016
 With No Other ProceduresWith 1 or More Additional Procedures
Principal ProcedureMedian ChargeAverage Commercial Insurance PaymentAverage Medicare Insurance Payment*Median ChargeAverage Commercial Insurance PaymentAverage Medicare Insurance Payment*
Cataract Surgery with Intraocular Lens - Stage 1 66984)$3,781$2,987$1,891NRNRNR
Colonoscopy and Biopsy 45380)$3,423$2,704$1,712$7,052$5,571$3,526
Upper GI Endoscopy with Biopsy 43239)$3,843$3,036$1,922$5,677$4,485$2,839
Lesion Removal Colonoscopy by Snare Technique 45385)$3,380$2,670$1,690$4,034$3,187$2,017
Diagnostic Colonoscopy 45378)$2,728$2,155$1,364$5,838$4,612$2,919
Injection into Lumbar or Sacral Area, Single Level 64483)$2,687$2,123$1,343$2,686$2,122$1,343
Injection into Paravertebral Facet Joint w Image Guidance, Lumbar or Sacral 64493)$2,672$2,111$1,336$2,659$2,101$1,330
Drain/Inject Major Joint or Bursa 20610)$2,668$2,108$1,334$2,661$2,102$1,330
Colorectal Cancer Screening; Colonscopy, Not High Risk G0121)$2,717$2,146$1,359$4,996$3,947$2,498
Colorectal Cancer Screening ; Colonoscopy, High Risk G0105)$2,706$2,138$1,353$9,944$7,856$4,972
Carpal Tunnel Surgery 64721)$4,047$3,197$2,023$5,238$4,138$2,619
Knee Arthroscopy/Surgery with Medial or Lateral Meniscectomy 29881)$6,940$5,483$3,470$7,821$6,178$3,910
Destruction by Neurolytic Agent w Imaging, Lumbar or Sacral 64635)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Uppr GI Endoscopy- Diagnostic 43235)$3,361$2,656$1,681$6,103$4,821$3,052
Lesion Removal Colonoscopy by Hot Biopsy or Cautery 45384)$3,428$2,708$1,714$6,495$5,131$3,248
Left Heart Artery/Ventricle Angiography 93458)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Creation of Eardrum Opening 69436)$2,375$1,876$1,187$5,052$3,991$2,526
Unlisted Dental Surgery Procedure 41899)$4,757$3,758$2,378$5,480$4,329$2,740
Injection into Paravertebral Facet Joint w Image Guidance, Cervical or Thor 64490)$2,598$2,053$1,299$2,652$2,095$1,326
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 47562)$9,353$7,389$4,677$14,782$11,678$7,391
After Cataract Laser Surgery 66821)NRNRNRNRNRNR
ABD Paracentesis w/Imaging 49083)$1,361$1,075$680NRNRNR
Biopsy, Breast w/Ultrasound Image; 1 Lesion 19083)$2,026$1,601$1,013NRNRNR
Cataract Surgery- Complex 66982)$4,529$3,578$2,264$5,333$4,213$2,667
Removal of Tonsils And Adenoids - < Age 12 42820)$5,487$4,335$2,744$6,454$5,098$3,227
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair 29827)NRNRNR$14,336$11,326$7,168
Hysteroscopy with Biopsy 58558)$7,625$6,024$3,813$8,536$6,743$4,268
Esophageal Endoscopy with Dilation 43249)$3,428$2,708$1,714$4,033$3,186$2,017
Biopsy Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue; 1 Lesion 11100)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Repair Initial Ingunial Hernia, > = 5 years, Reducible 49505)$7,413$5,856$3,707$7,398$5,844$3,699
Incision of Finger Tendon Sheath 26055)$3,691$2,916$1,846$3,630$2,868$1,815
Unlisted Cystourethoscopy 52000)$991$783$496NRNRNR
Cystourethroscopy with Lithotripsy and Stent 52356)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Laparoscopic Hernia Repair - Initial 49650)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Removal of Support Implant (barred wire, pin, screw, metal band, nail, rod) 20680)$4,205$3,322$2,102$12,628$9,977$6,314
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy w X-ray of Liver and Bile Duct 47563)$10,797$8,530$5,399$10,189$8,049$5,095
Uppr GI Endoscopy with Guide Wire 43248)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Destruction of Premalignant Lesion 17000)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Knee Arthroscopy/Surgery w Medical and Lateral Meniscectomy 29880)$7,509$5,932$3,754$6,624$5,233$3,312
Destruction by neurolytic agent w imaging, cervical or thoracic 64633)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Laparoscopic Appendectomy 44970)$13,878$10,964$6,939NRNRNR
Destruction of Benign Lesions up to 14 Lesions 17110)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Biopsy breast w/stereotactic image; 1 lesion 19081)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Injections; Single or Multiple Trigger Points, 1 or 2 Muscles 20552)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Removal of Tonsils 42826)$5,728$4,525$2,864NRNRNR
Cystourethroscopy with Stent 52332)$4,868$3,846$2,434NRNRNR
Repair of Nasal Septum 30520)$7,268$5,742$3,634$7,978$6,303$3,989
Knee Arthroscopy/Surgery with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair 29888)$17,006$13,435$8,503NRNRNR
Low Back Disk Surgery 63030)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Fragmenting of Kidney Stone 50590)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Repair Umbilical Hernia, > = 5 Yrs - Reducible 49585)$6,231$4,922$3,115$6,482$5,121$3,241
Laparoscopy - Removal of Adnexal Structures 58661)$9,041$7,142$4,521$11,469$9,060$5,734
Mastectomy, Partial 19301)$7,621$6,021$3,811$16,686$13,182$8,343
Needle Biopsy of Liver 47000)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Debridement Skin/Tissue 11042)$4,717$3,727$2,359$5,565$4,396$2,783
Laparoscopy, Removal of Tubes & Ovaries 58571)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Coronary Artery Angio S&I 93454)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Aspirate Pleura with Imaging 32555)$6,270$4,953$3,135NRNRNR
Remove Impacted Ear Wax 69210)$2,240$1,770$1,120NRNRNR
Hysteroscopy with Ablation 58563)$7,971$6,297$3,986$10,047$7,937$5,023
Diagnostic Laryngoscopy 31575)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Debridement, Open Wound <= 20 Square Centimeters 97597)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Apheresis Plasma 36514)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Wrist Endoscopy/Surgery 29848)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Transluminal balloon angioplasty, percutaneous, venous 35476)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Shoulder Arthroscopy/Surgery 29824)NRNRNR$11,578$9,146$5,789
Right and Left Heart Artery/Ventricle Angiography 93460)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Bone Marrow Biopsy 38221)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Correction of Bunion 28296)$8,156$6,443$4,078$9,574$7,563$4,787
Electro-Uroflowmetry - First 51741)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Removal of Adenoids 42830)$5,174$4,088$2,587NRNRNR
Ablation therapy of first vein of extremity 36475)$7,100$5,609$3,550$12,824$10,131$6,412
Electronic analysis of implantable pump spine w/reprogram/refill 62369)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Biopsy of lung or mediastinum, percutaneous w/needle 32405)NRNRNRNRNRNR
Removal of Central Venous Device w Port or Pump 36590)$2,562$2,024$1,281NRNRNR
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