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Charges for 75 Most Common Types of Hospitalizations in Wisconsin: January 2013 - December 2013
(Uncomplicated Cases Only)
    Estimated Insurance Payments *
RankAPR- DRG DescriptionMedian  
Private InsuranceMedicare
1640Normal Newborn, Birthweight 2500g+NRNRNR
2560Vaginal DeliveryNRNRNR
3302Knee ReplacementNRNRNR
4720Blood Infection/SepticemiaNRNRNR
5540Cesarean DeliveryNRNRNR
7194Heart FailureNRNRNR
8301Hip ReplacementNRNRNR
10753Bipolar Disorders$8,966$5,828$3,228
11140Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseNRNRNR
12201Heart Abnormal Rhythm and Conduction DisordersNRNRNR
13383Cellulitis and Other Bacterial Skin InfectionsNRNRNR
14775Alchohol Abuse/Dependence$4,686$3,046$1,687
15460Renal FailureNRNRNR
16463Kidney/Urinary Tract InfectionNRNRNR
17045Stroke and Precerebral Occlusion with InfarctNRNRNR
19221Major Bowel ProceduresNRNRNR
20174Angioplasty with Heart AttackNRNRNR
22133Pulmonary Edema/Respiratory FailureNRNRNR
23254Other Digestive System DiagnosesNRNRNR
24175Angioplasty without Heart AttackNRNRNR
26247Intestinal Obstruction without SurgeryNRNRNR
29812Poisoning of Medicinal AgentsNRNRNR
30282Disorders of Pancreas Except MalignancyNRNRNR
31304Dorsal and Lumbar Fusion Without Principal Diagnosis of Back CurvatureNRNRNR
32137Respiratory Infections and InflammationsNRNRNR
34263Laparoscopic CholecystectomyNRNRNR
35308Hip/Thigh Surgery with Trauma DiagnosisNRNRNR
36134Pulmonary EmbolismNRNRNR
37173Other Vascular ProceduresNRNRNR
38241Peptic Ulcer/GastritisNRNRNR
39190Circulatory Disorders with Heart AttackNRNRNR
40425Other Electrolyte DisordersNRNRNR
41347Other Back/Neck Disorders, Fractures, InjuriesNRNRNR
42313Other Knee/Lower Leg SurgeryNRNRNR
43861Signs & SymptomsNRNRNR
44315Shoulder/Upper Arm, Forearm SurgeryNRNRNR
45244Diverticulitis & DiverticulosisNRNRNR
47253Other and Unspecified Gastrointestinal HemorrhageNRNRNR
48192Cardiac Catheterization with Principal Diagnosis of Ischemic Heart DiseaseNRNRNR
49663Red Blood Cell Disorders Except Sickle Cell Anemia CrisisNRNRNR
51351Other Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue DiagnosesNRNRNR
52191Cardiac Catheterization without Principal Diagnosis of Ischemic Heart DiseaseNRNRNR
53248Major G.I. Bacterial InfectionsNRNRNR
54024Extracranial Vascular ProceduresNRNRNR
55198Chest Pain with Angina Pectoris or Coronary AtherosclerosisNRNRNR
56321Upper Spinal FusionNRNRNR
57197Peripheral and Other Vascular DisordersNRNRNR
58204Fainting and CollapseNRNRNR
59513Uterine Procedures without TumorNRNRNR
60773Opioid Abuse/Dependence$3,477$2,260$1,252
61721Postoperative and Post-Traumatic InfectionsNRNRNR
62144Respiratory System Signs, Symptoms and Minor DiagnosesNRNRNR
64310Back/Neck Procedures Except Dorsal and Lumbar FusionNRNRNR
65566Other Antepartum DiagnosesNRNRNR
66113Epiglottitis, Ear Infection, URI and LaryngotracheitisNRNRNR
68710Infectious & parasitic diseases including HIV w O.R. procedureNRNRNR
69021Craniotomy Except For TraumaNRNRNR
70466Malfunctions, Reactions & Comp Of Gu Device, Graft Or TransplantNRNRNR
71143Pneumothorax & Pleural EffusionNRNRNR
72163Heart Valve Procedures without Cardiac CatheterizationNRNRNR
73055Head trauma w coma >1 hr or hemorrhageNRNRNR
74755Neuroses Other Than Depression$4,818$3,132$1,734
75047Transient IschemiaNRNRNR

NR = No Cases Reported

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