Wisconsin PricePoint

About the Data used by this Website

All of the hospital-related data found on PricePoint is collected and published by the WHA Information Center (WHAIC). WHAIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wisconsin Hospital Association. WHAIC was incorporated on October 1, 2003, and began collecting data in January 2004 under a contract with the Wisconsin Department of Administration. WHAIC has collected and disseminated complete, accurate, and timely data about charges and services provided by Wisconsin hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers since 2004.

Pursuant to Chapter 153, Wisconsin Statutes, all Wisconsin hospital and surgery centers are required to submit inpatient and outpatient data to WHA Information Center (WHAIC) each quarter. PricePoint uses this data to provide health care consumers with hospital-specific information about health care services and charges in Wisconsin.

For more information on the WHA Information Center, please visit the WHAIC website (whainfocenter.com)
PricePoint also uses data provided by the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) to provide health care consumers with information related to professional, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, ancillary, and pharmacy services that are not part of the hospital facility charges included with the WHAIC data. WHIO aggregates commercial, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid claims data to provide the information used in PricePoint.

For information about the Wisconsin Health Information Organization, please visit the WHIO website (wisconsinhealthinfo.org)

PricePoint was produced in part by using computer software created, owned and licensed by the 3M Company. All copyrights in and to the 3M™ APR DRG Software, and to the 3M™ APR DRG Classification System(s) (including the selection, coordination and arrangement of all codes) are owned by 3M. All rights reserved.